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Install Lume:
# homepage
This is the repository containing the code for
It is built using [lume]( with JSX. To get started, make sure
you have the [nix package manager]( installed.
Then you can start developing with:
deno run -Ar
nix develop
Build the project:
This will use a [nix devshell](
to create an environment that has [deno]( and [lume](
An alternative approach for loading all dependencies is [`direnv`](
It basically runs `nix develop` for you, once you enter a directory which
contains a `.envrc` file and allow it by running `direnv allow`. Once installed
globally, run:
direnv allow
Just build the static site, results are in `_site`:
Run a local version of the project:
To get a live development server, run:
deno task serve