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lume: update to v2
* Update lume to v2
* Update deno to v1.41.3
* Use vento instead of nunjucks for templating
* Use markdown for page data
* Fix english translation of homepage
* Fix asset build
* Make images responsive
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miom.space homepage

This is the repository containing the code for https://miom.space.

It is built using lume with JSX. To get started, make sure you have the nix package manager installed. Then you can start developing with:

nix develop

This will use a nix devshell to create an environment that has deno and lume available.

An alternative approach for loading all dependencies is direnv. It basically runs nix develop for you, once you enter a directory which contains a .envrc file and allow it by running direnv allow. Once installed globally, run:

direnv allow

Just build the static site, results are in _site:

deno task build

To get a live development server, run:

deno task serve